Should I be counting calories?

Should I be counting calories? I keep my carbs under 20g and protein under 100g but I really load on fat. I drown my spinach salad in olive oil and I add a good portion of coconut oil to my cauliflower mash… Mmmm.. Those are delish! If I cut down on fat, I feel very hungry.

I think overall my calories consumption went up significantly and I am worried if all this experiment is going to end up with even higher body fat. Hence, I spent some time researching this.

Dr. Attia suggests that even the calories do matter, what matters most is the decision that your body makes – to store fat or expend it and what really makes us overeat. Here is the article on his website

Same time Michael E. Eades, MD on his website says

But if you’re throwing back a few ounces of cheese or nuts (or both) here and there, you’re going to be providing your body with enough fat to meet all its energy needs with some left over. And your weight loss will come to a screeching halt.

Here is the full article

The idea is to loose some body fat and my thinking is that it’s best to exclude all inflammatory foods and comfort food like nuts. I will try that from tomorrow.


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