Day 4: Am I in ketosis yet?

I started wondering today if I was actually in ketosis already, i.e. using fat to fuel my body. There was no reason why I wouldn’t be. My carbs were low, protein very moderate and I ate A LOT of fat.

In Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Diet Mistakes You Need To Know by Sara Givens, I found the list of most common signs of ketosis:

  • sweet, fruity, or metal taste in the mouth (keto-breath)
  • loss of food cravings
  • weak odor of nail polish remover (acetone) on skin or breath
  • increased mental clarity
  • euphoria or general feeling of well being
  • reduced apetite
  • stronger smelling urine
  • more energy
  • increased thirst

I could tick all of those signs except reduced apetite. I do get hungry! But I am so happy that the cravings are gone – there is a feeling of complete freedom! I am not planning my next meal while I am still eating! I ran 5km in the morning and then did 30 min strength training. All of that before my first mean and I didn’t even feel tired after the training.

But I had to check if the ketones were really there. The easiest and cheapest way to test for ketosis is using ketostix or similar –  urine test trips. Not every pharamacy keeps them in stock but it’s possible to find. A quick trip to the pharmacy and I could really confirm that I was in ketosis. The strip was purple! Hooray! The first milestone is achieved!





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