How to speed up keto adaptation?

If you tried to get into nutritional ketosis before, you probably know that keto-adaptation can take any time from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the amount of carbs that you were eating before. While you body is trying to figure out how to use fat as a fuel, you are not going to feel your best – most likely you will be low energy, dizzy and sleepy.

Here are a few tips that really worked for me and made a huge difference.


Supplementing with medium-chain triglycerides (MTC) oil is the best-kept kept secret. The short and medium length fats can directly enter the mitochondria sparing precious cellular energy transport (ATP). Supplementation with MCT oil allows for a very biochemically efficient means to produce ketones even for those people who don’t eat low carb. Longer chain fats, such as those found in omega-3’s, require multi-step enzymatic conversion and are less efficiently converted to ketones despite having other health promoting properties.

To speed up the adaptation process I used the blend of Omega 3 and MCT oils.  I was particularly happy when I found Absolute Organix Omega Sport. It is a 50/50 blend of cold-pressed flax seed oil and Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil. Amazing product, it doesn’t have a strong taste. I take a tablespoon in the morning and use a tablespoon or two on my leafy greens to stimulate the nutritional ketosis.

Coconut oil is a source of MCT’s but is not as well absorbed as the emulsified, highly concentrated supplemental forms.



Switching to a high fat diet may be a complete shock to the digestive system, especially if you were, like me, eating mostly low fat before. During the transition period, supplemental digestive enzymes may really help to break down the fat.

It took me a couple of days after I started my keto-adaptation this time to discover the enzymes. I ate a lot of fat and my total calorie consumption was close to 3000 but I was still feeling hungry. Taking digestive enzymes before my meals seems to work very well. I halved the amount of food I eat and the hunger is gone. I like Solgar Digestive Aid.



Using Betaine HCL to help your body digest and emulsify the fat you eat, should also do the trick.


Adding some pink Himalayan salt to your water or even using 1tsp of pink Himalayan salt in a large glass of water in the morning can really help with electrolyte formation and spare you the headaches associated with keto-adaptation phase. This advice comes from David Aspey from Bulletproof .



Stick to the ratio: 20g carbs, less than 100g protein and the rest fat. If still hungry then eat fat. It sounds easy, but in reality this can be a challenge. I find that the easiest way to add more good fat is Bulletproof coffee or Titanium tea – a hot beverage with a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of coconut oil blended together. It really tastes amazing!

My favorite brand of coconut oil is Artisana and I buy it from It also comes in 1oz (30ml) packets, which are perfect for travel.



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