Wrong turn. Dairy.

Yesterday I fell off the wagon completely and this morning I was out of ketosis (I am still testing the level of ketones with urine test strips). A big lesson learnt!

What happened? I have been off dairy (except occasional cappuccino now and then) for a couple of years by now. But after reading all sorts of articles on the internet and a few books, I decided to try dairy mainly because there is plenty of fat which is difficult to get in the diet otherwise.

Yesterday I cooked my eggs with some goat cheddar cheese for lunch and had about 50g of feta in my salad for dinner. It triggered massive cravings. I finished the 250g block of cheese instead of intended 50g. And I wanted more after!

I have to say that all my cravings were gone when I started on a ketogenic diet so what happened was very uncomfortable. I felt out of control once again. And, of course, bad news – I am out of ketosis this morning.

Dairy contains sugar in a form of lactose and can cause a high insulin response. It also makes things worse if your lactose tolerance is not great and most people are intolerant to dairy.

I am still wondering how all those people are striving on cream cheese on ketogenic protocol but it shows once again that we are all different. What works for some people is not necessarily the best for me.

I am fasting this morning (16-hour fast) to speed up getting back to ketosis and then I am back to my diet with leafy greens, good fats in a form of MTC oil, coconut oil, olive oil, a little bit of nuts and seeds and some protein. Overall my diet is also very anti-inflammatory which I like.


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